Social Responsibility

We want to help eliminate energy poverty by making Solar energy more affordable

Innovative Solar Power Inc. (ISP) has patented a breakthrough concentrated-solar-power solution that eliminates the cost of heavy/expensive tracking systems by creating panels with multiple parallel parabolic reflective troughs and cable mounted photovoltaic array.  The light-weight, panelized solution allows a lower cost alternative to traditional PV panels, that can be utilized in both roof-top and utility scale solar.  By using 1/30th of the PV cells, ISP’s solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a solar power plant, and yet improves PV performance efficiency to world-record levels.

ISP is targeting the rapidly growing utility and commercial scale market for solar energy worldwide.

Founded by a group of renowned Canadian inventors and social entrepreneurs, ISP is dedicated to delivering power and heat at the most economical prices.

Helping Eliminate Energy Poverty By Making Solar Energy More Affordable

“ Our work on making the world’s most affordable internet access devices led us to see how important an affordable energy supply is, and how that remains an enormous challenge for too many of the world’s people. We have rededicated ourselves to solving that problem by cutting the cost of solar power in half. ” Dr. (hc) Suneet Singh Tuli

Billions of people continue to be without basic modern energy services, lacking access to either electricity or clean cooking facilities. This situation is expected to change only a little by 2030 unless more vigorous action is taken

International Energy Agency on Energy Access

Access to energy is a prerequisite of human development. Energy is needed for individual survival, it is important for the provision of social services such as education and health and a critical input into all economic sectors from household production or farming, to industry


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