APH – Amplifying Panel for Power & Heat Generation

  • Standard sized 3’x5’ solar amplifying modules
    • ISP’s patented innovation unites mirrors and photovoltaic in a novel way, by means of a stationary primary amplifier. By using 1/20th of the photovoltaic cells, this unique collection method allows a dramatic reduction in cost, eliminating cumbersome tracking collection structures and its related movement mechanics. The lightweight APH, panelized solution can be utilized in both roof-top and utility scale solar, in addition to allowing a lower cost alternative to traditional PV panels.
  • Ideal for power and heat generation
    • The encapsulated module amplifies power and captures heat which can be used for hot water and heating homes.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint and World Record Efficiency
    • By using 1/20th of the PV cells, ISP’s solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a solar power plant, and yet improves PV performance efficiency to world-record levels.

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