ICS – Stationary Collector System

  • More Affordable & Longer Life
    • ICS is a patented solar energy system that replaces the majority of expensive photovoltaic cells with strategically positioned and stationary curved mirrors that amplify sun light to a moving focal point. This high efficiency system is an affordable alternative to traditional photovoltaic modules yet offers a longer life as the sun’s energy does not directly hit the solar cells, but instead are focused by the mirrored collectors to deliver maximum energy. The focal point is tracked and followed by a mechanical structure that optimally places the receiver to accept a 20x intensification of light. The space saving ICS system can be used in both utility scale and commercial deployments in all environments.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
    • The ICS system is ideal for the environmentally conscious as the replacement of photovoltaic cells with mirrors delivers a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

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