Innovative Technology

ISP has patented a breakthrough solar-technology to create a low-cost, dispatchable, carbon-free energy solution in the form of an energy-intensifying panel system. ISP’s technology breaks the affordability barrier and will help eliminate energy poverty. We achieve a lower price by replacing expensive silicon with affordable mirrors (using 1/20th of the regular PV panel).

The innovation uses immobile solar collectors incorporating conic reflective troughs that multiply sunrays by 20x, resulting in lower cost alternative to traditional solutions, while improving performance.

It is the world’s first energy-intensifying solution that can be deployed in both utility-scale and roof-top-systems by eliminating the need for heavy, expensive and unreliable tracking systems.

Patent-Pending Silicon Array

ISP panels use single junction monocrystalline silicon deployed as arrays, with patent-pending processes that deliver efficiency close to multi junction cells. ISP is targeting to achieve world record efficiency in this category.

ISP’s proprietary solar arrays are modified at the company’s thin film laboratory to improve collector performance and increase efficiency. The technologically advanced solar array is achieved by refining existing solar cells by changing the design of the collector lines and adding to their current carrying capability. ISP has developed a novel method of attaching large bus conductors to the solar cells using a multi-layer deposition method that reduces loss due to resistance. Solar cells on ISP’s unique array are also spatially aligned with a low degree of wastage resulting in increased packing density and a corresponding efficiency boost.

Mechanical wear robustness and long-term durability

ISP’s modules and mechanical apparatus are protected from total dust and liquid ingress by IP66 rated enclosures. All moving parts have been designed by using stress analyses including: simulation of wind load, snow accumulation and thermal expansion. All mechanical aspects of ISP’s modules are rated to exceed the 25 year warranty without any regular maintenance.

ISP has collaborated with Université de Sherbrooke for the testing and validation of its solar panels.

Components of

Panels are in shape of trough with cross section below. Panel in field is placed with axis of trough positioned  East -West. Solar cells mounted on aluminum base as heat sink.

Materials :

  • Aluminum mirror
  • Plastic enclosure
  • Glass on top
  • Monocrystalline single junction solar cells mounted on aluminum base as heatsink

Light Guiding Principle

  • Simulation for Montreal: Panel tilt 45 deg
  • Green – sun rays
  • Red – reflected light
  • Yellow – solar cell

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