About Us

ISP Solar is a developer of renewable energy solutions, founded by a group of renowned Canadian inventors and social entrepreneurs. ISP is dedicated to delivering power and heat at the most economical prices.

ISP has patented a breakthrough solar-technology to create a low-cost, dispatchable, carbon-free energy solution in the form of an energy-intensifying panel system. ISP is targeting its solution to be the lowest cost option for solar panels in the world. We achieve a lower price by replacing expensive silicon with affordable mirrors (using 1/20th of the regular PV panels).

The innovation uses immobile solar collectors incorporating conic reflective troughs that multiply sunrays by 20x, resulting in lower cost alternative to traditional solutions, while improving performance.

ISP’s technology makes solar deployments more compelling by providing a faster return on investment. We also focus on breaking the affordability barrier to help eliminate energy poverty.

It is the world’s first energy-intensifying solution that can be deployed in both utility-scale and rooftop systems by eliminating the need for heavy, expensive and unreliable tracking systems.

Distributors, System Developers, Installers, Partners and Thought Leaders are encouraged to contact us