Go Solar & Eliminate your Electricity Bills (For Canadian Customers)

  • Install solar with nothing upfront
  • After first year pay equivalent of half your electricity bill
  • Upon year 13 your solar plant is paid off and no further electricity bill

Take advantage of 25% government subsidy before it expires on October 17, 2019
Available only in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick

Typical example

Monthly electricity bill is $2,500

System required to generate equivalent electricity is 125 kW

Roof space requirement is 7,500 square ft.

(cost of system and electricity generation will be lower if sufficient roof space is not available)

Cost of system $312,500 (+HST)

You can own it without paying anything upfront.

  • Government rebate pays $78,125
  • 1st year electricity bill covers $30,000
  • 2nd year onwards half-electric bill of $15,000 x 13.6 years covers rest
  •  After that your monthly bills become negligible and you own the solar power plant, fully paid-off!

How Much will solar save you?

Save more than $900K in 25 years

Why Solar and Why Now?

Solar will save you Money

It’s a Smart, long term investment that will add value to your property

You are doing your part in the fight against Climate Change

Over the next 90 days starting July 17th, 2019 Climate Action Incentive Fund is providing a 25% subsidy for Small And Medium Sized Enterprises for retrofit projects

By choosing solar now you can take advantage of the 25% subsidy and reduce your electricity bill to half and ultimately zero.

The Process (Quote and Acceptance)

  • Customer Sends ISP a copy of their electricity bill for any month
  • ISP evaluates site and provides a formal quotation
  • Customer reviews and accepts quote

The Process (Government Rebate)

  • ISP assists customer in filling application for 25% government rebate
  • Government provides preliminary approval for rebate within 30 days of application
  • Customer signs funding agreement with government (ECCC agreement after 45 business days of approval)

The Process (Installation and Start Saving)

  • Customers pays to ISP, equivalent of one year of electricity bills, and PDC (post data check) for 25% (government rebate)
    ISP installs solar plant within 90 days
  • After the first year each bill will be half of what Customer pays to hydro one, and Unlike hydro one you don’t need to be concerned with increasing rates, your bill will always be half
  • Customer submits claim to government for rebate, and government pays within 20 business days. ISP deposits PDC after customer receives rebate cheque
  • Monthly bill is reduced to half for the next 13.6 years (no increases!), and is almost zero at the end of 13.6 years once the solar power plant is paid off – and wholly owned by the customer.

If you need early
cancellation for any reason

  • No worries!
  • After 3-year lock-up, cancel anytime and we’ll uninstall and remove the solar system from your roof, with no further obligations

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